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Lutron RadioRA2

Malibu's Preferred Service Provider

We're proud to be the only Lutron™ Level 2 PSP (Preferred Service Provider) for Radio RA2 based in Malibu. Lutron RadioRA2 is a wireless total home control system. It allows homeowners to easily control and automate lighting, heating and cooling, and shades, as well as other connected home devices. Lutron products have an easy-to-use interface, featuring user-friendly keypads and touch panels, in addition to the ability to control your home through smartphones and smart watches.  Increasingly, popular smart home devices like Amazon's Alexa are able to talk to and control Lutron lighting products:

Enhancing the Home Experience

The smart home has arrived.  With Lutron's Radio RA2 you have complete control over everything your home is capable of, with the system's reliability benefiting from professional installation you can trust.   With the RadioRA2 system, get ready for energy savings, comfort, convenience, as well as added security.  Lutron provides a level of customization and reliability difficult to replicate with any other smart home system.  And best of all, RadioRA2 is implemented wirelessly.  That means that in addition to benefiting from seamless tie-ins with other smart home products, the whole system can be installed without opening up walls, without waiting for a remodel, and without damaging your home.  Get ready for smart home living!

Lutron control panel

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