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Lutron automation systems help residences and commercial buildings save energy, enhance comfort and convenience, and improve safety and security—all while taking away the need to manually turn light switches on and off.  From occupancy sensors to temperature management, Lutron solutions help you improve your home environment with ease.  And it's all done with a single touch: using one of Lutron's simple interfaces, a tap of the finger can lower your shades and turn on your lights wherever needed.  Lutron makes your home smarter, and it's all in the name of enhancing home living for you and your family.

Our Lutron services focus on the following three applications.  Click for more details on each:

Serving Malibu Since 1981

Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, Lutron provides a variety of solutions that can enhance the safety and security of your home.  As the only Lutron™ Level 2 PSP (Preferred Service Provider) for Radio RA2 based in Malibu, we specialize in designing customized Lutron solutions in Malibu homes.

Imagine having your home's lighting and shading systems run themselves.  From simple automated shading solutions to whole home automation with Lutron Homeworks, we install systems that make your life easier.  The possibilities are endless.  Set up lighting control in your home theater.   Save energy by having your shades manage the flow of natural light coming into your home.  Improve security by having lights come on in a natural pattern when you're not home.   With Lutron, it's all possible.

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